Daily Bruin Alumni Network


Please help us build the infrastructure and the core programs of the Daily Bruin Alumni Network by becoming a team member of the Committee for DBAN! Our goal is to become an official UCLA Alumni Association affiliate network and a university-recognized support group for The Bruin, with robust networking, mentoring and fundraising capabilities, built to support fellow alumni and the Daily Bruin.

DBAN Project Teams

ALUMNI REUNIONS & EVENTS: Starting with our first reunion scheduled for October 5, 2018, DBAN will convene each fall for annual meetings and staff reunions. Other future events will include alumni panels for student staffers and regional Daily Bruin events in partnership with the UCLA Alumni Association.

SCHOLARSHIPS & FUNDRAISING: This team will study the funding needs of The Bruin, implement fundraising strategies, and advise on the administration of the Daily Bruin Support Fund (#63355O), an official UCLA Foundation fund created to enhance the news-gathering capabilities of The Bruin and to build a scholarship for DB staffers doing journalism of global reach and impact.

ALUMNI MENTORING PROGRAM: Due to declining revenue and budget cuts, a number of full time staff positions in support of The Bruin were eliminated over the past decade plus, including the full-time faculty-level advisor. This team will look into alumni mentorship programs, and new ways to provide Pro Bono advising and career development for the student-journalists.

THE BRUIN NEWS LITERACY PROJECT: A free and independent press is critical to a democracy. As a way of giving back to the community, we would like to encourage our student-journalists to engage the Los Angeles community and schools in teaching news literacy and the importance of the free press.

ALUMNI DIRECTORY & NETWORKING: The DB alumni is an incredibly diverse and accomplished group thriving in business, the law, government, academia, tech, entertainment, and of course journalism. Become a class captain and help us bring our fellow alumni home and together.

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Lawrence Ma '95 & Tanner Walters '18 Co-Chairs, Committee for DBAN

Jacqueline Alavarez '19 Alumni Relations Director, Daily Bruin 2018-19


2010’s: Nicole Vas '10, Sam Schaefer '11, James Barragan '13, Jillian Beck '14, Jose Ubeda '15, Fran Manto '16, Emaan Baqai '17

2000’s: Sara Randazzo '08, Kelly Rayburn '04, Kate Stanhope '09

1990’s: Missy Anderson '96, Christine Strobel '94, Chris Schreiber '95

1980’s: Elisa Williams '82, Michael Bartlett '88


Jillian Beck '14, Gil Hopenstand '97, Don Rosen '86


Alejandra Reyes Velarde '17, Lauren Jow '12, Tyson Evans '05, Phil Carter '96, Wendy Witherspoon '90, Nancy McCullough '89, Lauren Bartlett '88, Alice Short '77