Daily Bruin Alumni Network


Welcome to the official site of the Daily Bruin Alumni Network, a group devoted to supporting alumni of the UCLA Daily Bruin and student journalism at the university. The organization is an official affinity network of the UCLA Alumni Association.

Mission Statement

The Daily Bruin Alumni Network (the "DBAN") will actively engage the alumni of the Daily Bruin to serve as a robust community for all former staff members, in support of each other and The Bruin. The DBAN will provide funding, mentorship and professional development programs for aspiring student-journalists at UCLA, ensuring the excellence and longevity of The Bruin. The DBAN will encourage students to reach beyond UCLA, supporting community programs to advance news literacy and the free press.


The Daily Bruin Alumni Network's roots can be traced to 2016, when Lawrence Ma ('95) connected with 2016-17 Editor-in-Chief Tanner Walters ('18). Lawrence had earmarked a portion of his university donations for the Daily Bruin through UCLA Student Affairs, which transfers the money to ASUCLA and into The Bruin's independent finances.

Tanner had already created a new student position on staff to help get alumni efforts off the ground and was developing a directory of alumni names from archive staff boxes.

Working with the Daily Bruin and the UCLA Alumni Association over the next years, the network began to take shape. The DB alumni Facebook group was relaunched and alumni began to step up to join the Committee for the Daily Bruin Alumni Network. The group held its first events in 2018 and received official recognition as an affinity network of the UCLA Alumni Association.

Many attempts have been made over the past century to build an alumni association for the Daily Bruin. We have taken a number of steps to make this latest incarnation last in perpetuity. For example, The Bruin has committed to a permanent editor position in the student alumni director. By becoming an affinity network of the UCLA Alumni Association, the network has institutional support and expertise to build our numbers, maintain contact information and plan events.

We hope you'll join us as we continue to write our history!


A governing board consisting of Daily Bruin alumni oversees, manages and promotes the alumni network. Committees are in charge of the following projects:

  • Maintaining a directory for communications, a dedicated DBAN website and an active social media presence. This includes private Facebook and LinkedIn groups for our alumni in all professions to network, reconnect, promote events and to share general updates and career opportunities.
  • Planning an annual on-campus general meeting and reunion, featuring speakers, career panels and receptions for Daily Bruin alumni from all professions, to strengthen bonds among each other and with the current students.
  • Building scholarship programs and fundraising campaigns to support the Daily Bruin and its staffers.
  • Developing a mentorship program and career guidance by alumni in journalism and related fields, including support like advisory workshops and newspaper critiques.

Please check out our "Volunteer" page to see more.


The Daily Bruin has had to undergo significant changes in recent years due to steadily- declining advertising revenue. To maintain daily publication, The Bruin has had to seek funding from student fees in 2009 and 2016. To limit rent costs, the Kerckhoff Hall office was reduced to about half its previous size in 2017. The full-time student media advisor position was eliminated, and the rest of the professional staff has been reduced to just three positions. Editor stipends have fallen sharply, requiring many staff members to take additional jobs.

The future of journalism depends on the continued success of college newspapers like the Daily Bruin, training the next generation of journalists and media professionals. To see how the DBAN and its members can help The Bruin, please visit our "Give Back" page.


In 2019 – the centennial of UCLA and the Daily Bruin – we will work to build our board and committees. With official UCLA Alumni Association recognition as an affinity alumni network, we are prepared to hit the ground running for our goals and objectives.

Alumni Spotlight

"The Daily Bruin launched my career as a professional journalist. On the day I walked into the newsroom in Kerckhoff Hall as a freshman, I began learning how to cover a large, diverse community and how to apply principles of fairness and rigor to high-stakes stories. I saw the huge impact that a student newspaper could have in shaping not just campus discourse, but major national news events. I often tell aspiring reporters that the only way to learn how to be a journalist is to do the work, day in and day out. That’s what I had the chance to do at the Daily Bruin, and I will be forever grateful for the experience."
—Matea Gold, 1994-95 editor-in-chief, class of '96
Political enterprise and investigations editor, The Washington Post